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AL Monshaat for Financial and Administrative Procedures; A pioneering company specializing in developing business and financial management in an innovative manner. We provide our clients with services and consultations that achieve excellence and uniqueness that meet their interests and objectives cost-effectively and efficiently. We work in full swing to be your first choice to manage and pursue all your financial affairs.

We have a selection of the best accountants and consultants to achieve success for your project, whether it is at the beginning or already a large association. Our uniqueness in financial and administrative services at the kingdom level is not doubtful. There is no need to hire accountants or financial officers responsible for your accounts. You can hire Almonshaat for this task because we are keen to record all the accounting transactions and monthly closures on schedule and make monthly visits to ensure good communication between our association and your own company.

We strive to provide you with the best solutions in everything related to financial management. Our experience is over a decade, working under the wide umbrella of innovation and gaining time and effort.


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We realize the importance of our mission and integrity in our field. We do our utmost to add value and increase profits for our clients through our financial management services. We moreover work accurately under a high-level strategy and thoughtful plans to ensure that our business is done properly, thereby increasing the efficiency of our customers and employees as soon as possible. We take the path of development and innovation in the financial management field and keep up with everything new to satisfy our clients' needs. Our team's experience is the basis of our success, and their superior skill is the pillar of our long-term relationship with our clients.


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We aim to be the first and last choice for everyone looking for financial and administrative counseling services at the level of Saudi Arabia. We are looking forward to building long-term relationships with all companies looking for a creative and proficient partner.